(Sha la la la la la la)

It's not the way you smile that touched my heart,
It's not the way you kiss that tears me apart.
Oh, oh, many, many, many nights go by,
I sit alone at home and cry over you.
What can I do?
Can't help myself, 'cause baby, it's you.
Baby, it's you.

You should hear what they say about you,
"Cheat", "cheat".
They say,
They say you've never never never ever been true.

Uh oh, it doesn't matter what they say,
I know I'm gonna love you any old way.
What can I do, and it's true.
Don't want nobody, nobody, 'cause baby, it's you.
Baby, it's you.

Don't leave me all alone, come on home...

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