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Subject: PRO: And I Love Her , The Beatles
Date: Mon, 11 Sep 95 10:59:00 PDT

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{st: The Beatles}

[Em]I give her [Bm]all my love
[Em]That's all I [Bm]do
[Em]And if you [Bm]saw my love
[G]You'd love her [A]too

I [D]love her

[Em]She gives me [Bm]everything
[Em]And tender[Bm]ly
[Em]The kiss my [Bm]lover brings
[G]She brings to [A]me

And I [D]love her

[Bm]A love like [D]ours, [Bm]could never [A]die
[Bm]As long as [A]I have you near me[A] [D]

[Em]Bright are the [Bm]stars that shine
[Em]Dark is the [Bm]sky
[Em]I know this [Bm]love of mine
[G]Will never [A]die

And I [D]love her.


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Should you decide to post my PRO submission for the Beatles, And I Love Her,
please do not post my e-mail address as received. As you can tell, I'm at a
military installation and surf the net during break/lunch time. Although
there is nothing illegal about this, I would prefer not to open a can of
worms over a song. In the future, I will include this request at the time
of submittal. If you must include an address, list me as
MDINGAS@ACCESSRES.COM otherwise, I'm not looking for credit...just trying to
pay something into a good thing.

mike d.

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