Real Love
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Date: Thu, 4 Jan 1996 02:52:01 -0500
Subject: The Beatles Real Love

I have enjoyed brousing through your songs here is a copy of one of the new
Beatles songs. Special thanks to Phil G. a true Beatles Freak.

Real Love
Lenon McCarty
G Aus
Em B Em B

E G#m
All my little plans and Schems
A Gaus triad
lost like some forgotten dreams
A F#m B
Seems that all I really was doin
was waiting for you
E G#m
Just like little girls and boys
C#m G Aus triad
Playing with their little toys
A F#m B
seems like all we really were doin
was waitn for love

E C#m A B
It’s real Love, it’s Real
E C#m A B
It’s real Love, it’s Real

Intro Again

Once upon a time I’d know
Exactly where my life would go
Seems like all I really was doin
was waitn for love
only to be afraid

It’s real Love, it’s Real
It’s real Love, it’s Real

Guitar Interlude
F#m C# F#m BAug B

All I did I loved before
but in my heart I wanted more
Seems like a I really was doin
was wating for you

only to be alone
only to be alone

It’s real Love
repeat and fade

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